Non-Endorsed Applications Corporate Policy

Non-Endorsed Applications & Special Controls

The below applications are considered non-endorsed by NIC Components:

  • Military 
  • Aerospace Equipment
  • Atomic Power Plant, Nuclear related use
  • Medical; Life Support or Sustaining

Application Use Under Special Control

  • Medical Equipment (non-life support & sustaining)
  • Aviation & Aircraft (Not endorsed for engine control Nor flight control applications)
  • Traffic and Transport Equipment ("YF" suffix)
  • Electric Heating & Combustion applications

Key actions for application use under special control: Consultation with NIC Components and request of special control component specification sheet

For special applications in which quality and reliability are required, or if the failure or malfunction of the products may directly jeopardize life or cause threat of personal injury, use of NIC Components products is only endorsed after your company has sufficiently tested our products’ suitability for such application and redundant systems are utilized to safeguard in event of component failure.

NIC Support

If in doubt or uncertainty, please review your specific application - end use with NIC’s technical support personnel

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