Counterfeit Material Corporate Policy

Avoid Counterfeit Components

Counterfeit and inferior components are wreaking havoc on the supply chain. Some estimates say that up to 10% of technology products worldwide are counterfeit and equate to roughly US $100B in global product sales. Notwithstanding an even larger financial drain on electronic value chains and losses in excess of 50,000+ jobs, these components are having destructive impact on product lifecycle performance.

Inferior components and fakes present serious threats to product performance, operations, and regulatory compliance.

Buyers need to be vigilant and takes steps to avoid bogus components... If there is one cardinal rule that electronics buyers should follow to reduce the risk of buying counterfeit or substandard parts it is to know the source of the parts.

- Electronics Industry Quotes on Impact of Counterfeit Components

Know The Source Of the Products You Procure


  1. Procure NIC Components products via franchised NIC distributors or via direct purchase from NIC Components
  2. Be forewarned component procurement via non-franchised channels may risk receiving counterfeit or inferior material.
  3. If in doubt of authenticity of NIC Components products, please contact NIC to review


Counterfeit NIC Components products have been recently reported in the market:

  • NACZ331M50V12.5X14TR13F
  • NATT100M50V6.3X6.3NBF
  • NATT471M6.3V8X10.5NBF
  • NEM103J100F
  • NEXT104Z5.5V11.5X8.5F
  • NMC0603NPO102J50TRPF
  • NPC181M2D6ZTRF
  • NRC02F5362TRF
  • NRC02F5903TRF
  • NRE-S220M63V6.3X7F
  • NRE-WY222M35V16X35.5F
  • NRE-WY471M25V10X16F
  • NRE-WY471M16V10X12.5F
  • NRE-WY331M35V10X16F
  • NRE-WY221M35V10X12.5F
  • NRLMW681M200V30X30F
  • NRLR472M80V35X30SF
  • NRLRW472M50V30X25SF
  • NRSH471M50V12.5X20F
  • NRSH102M25V10X23F
  • NSPE-S470M10V6.3X6.3TR13F
  • NTC-T106M10TRCF
  • NTC-T107K16TRDF