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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Application Guides (Use and Precautions):

General Application & Characteristics Guides

Surface Mount (SMT) Application & Characteristics Guides

Temperature Characteristics

Lifetime Characteristics:

PCB Soldering:

LDD - Leaded Product Specific Information

Component Marking:

General Information:

Test Conditions

Voltage Coefficient Comparisons & Solutions

Review and comparison of typical voltage coefficient of High Capacitance value MLCCs (X7R, X5R & Y5V) capacitors as compare to electrolytic and film capacitors. 

  • Capacitance value decrease, due to voltage coeffiicent, is often overlooked (or unknown) to circuit design engineers.
  • This presentation illustrates the typical unstable voltage coefficient of X7R, X5R & Y5V MLCCs, as compared to stable voltage coefficient of Film capacitors and Electrolytic capacitors

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Piezoelectric Noise: MLCC Ringing ‐ Singing

Possible solutions for reducing or eliminating MLCC ringing – singing issues

  • Modified PCB materials or layout
  • Lower K Dielectric MLCCs
  • SMT Film Capacitors

This presentation includes typical performance comparisons of ceramic MLCCs to SMT film capacitors covering; Voltage Coefficient, Temperature Coefficient, Leakage Current, Noise (distortion) & Dielectric Absorption 

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Surface Mount (SMT) Ceramic Chip Capacitor Product Specific Information:


PCB Soldering:

Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Component Cracking:

Related Guidelines:

  1. Alternates to SMT Tantalum Chip Capacitors
  2. Component Cracking:  Mechanical Flexure Cracking Guideline  Leaded Product Specific Information

Leaded Product Specific Information

Component Marking:

Taping Specs:

10KVDC & Higher VDC Rated Ceramic Disc Precautions and Handling Guideline

LDD - Leaded Product Information

LDD - Performance Characteristics

PCB Soldering