NML-HQ Series New Product Introduction

June 10, 2020

NML-HQ & NML-SQ series 
High Frequency  SMT Chip Inductors

Passives; Magnetics; Inductors; High Frequency

NIC Components Corp. is pleased to announce the release of the NML-HQ and NML-SQ series of SMT chip inductors, featuring high-frequency performance in a high reliable monolithic construction. Both product series are supplied in ultra-miniature 01005 and 0201 case sizes with high DCI current ratings up to 1100mA. NML-HQ has a lower profile, with a maximum height of 0.22mm for 01005 size and 0.32mm in 0201 size, for height constrained handheld and mobile wireless applications.

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Applications & Details

Both NML-HQ and NML-SQ series are for use in precision tuning, filtering, and impedance matching circuits in high-frequency RF wireless applications. The inductance value range covers 0.2nH to 150nH in ±0.1nH (B), ±0.2nH (C), ±0.3nH (D) ±3% (H), and ±5% (J) tolerance with an operating temperature range of  -55°C to +125°C.  Self-resonant frequency (SRF) covers a range from 700MHz to 17 GHz, and typical quality factors (Q) cover a range from 50 to 100 at 2 to 3GHz for L <10nH in 0201 case sizes. NML-SQ has the advantage of higher Q & higher SRF for values >1nH in 0201 size than NML-HQ. Both series are RoHS & REACH compliant, and compatible with Pb-free reflow soldering processes.  


  • Ultra-miniature 01005 and 0201 case sizes
  • High Q (Typ: 50 to 100 @ 2 to 3 GHz)
  • High SRF up to 17 GHz
  • Wide Inductance value range: 0.2nH to 150nH
  • DC Current Ratings up to 1100mA
  • Wide Temperature Range:  -55°C to +125°C


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NML-HQ Series Info

NML-HQ is a NIC Focus Series and most preferred for new designs

Application Focus

  • Tuning
  • Filtering
  • Impedance matching
  • Antenna circuits
  • Oscillator circuits
  • RF Front Ends
  • Low-noise amplifiers (LNAs)
  • Down-conversion
  • A to D
  • Wireless modules

Environmental Info

  • Moisture Sensitiity Level (MSL) - N/A
  • RoHS Compliant - Yes
  • China RoHS Compliant - Yes
  • EU REACH Compliant: Yes
  • Halogen Free: Yes

 North America