NSPE-ZJ Series New Product Introduction

September 10, 2019

NIC Components Corp, a leading global supplier of electronic components, today introduced the NSPE-ZJ series of SMT hybrid construction aluminum electrolytic capacitors featuring increased operating temperatures and extended lifetimes.
NSPE-ZJ is supported in working voltages from 25-63VDC, in capacitance values from 33uF to 330uF and with increased ripple current ratings up to 2Arms/100KHz (+135°C).
NSPE-ZJ series has an operating temperature range of -55°C to +145°C with extended lifetime ratings from 2000 hours (+145°C) and 4000 hours at +135°C (equivalent to 32,000 hours at +105°C).

NSPE-ZJ Series Info

NSPE-ZJ is a NIC Focus Series and most preferred for new designs

Application Focus

  • 12V and 48VDC automotive systems
  • Enterprise level systems
  • Power supplies and amplifiers
  • Inverters
  • 5G cellular infrastructure
  • Motor drives
  • Green power
  • Office equipment

Environmental Info

  • Moisture Sensitiity Level (MSL) - 1
  • RoHS Compliant - Yes
  • China RoHS Compliant - Yes
  • EU REACH Compliant: Yes
  • Halogen Free: Yes

 North America