NRCPS Series New Product Introduction

September 25, 2017

NRCPS Series
Sulfur Resistant Anti-Surge Thick Film Resistors

NIC Components has expanded their sulfur resistant thick film chip resistor family with the AECQ200 anti-surge NRCPS series.

Extending NIC's AECQ200 lineup of thick film chip resistors the NRCPS series offers sulfur resistance with surge withstanding voltage and higher power. Increased power ratings, double the standard version ratings, are offered in 0603 (1/4W), 0805 (1/3W), 1206 (1/2W), and 1210 (3/4W). Resistance values range from 1.0 Ω to 1 MΩ in ±0.5% (D), ±1% (F) and ±5% (J) tolerances, in E24 & E96 resistance values.

Stable TCRs of 100PPM/°C and 200PPM/°C, over an operating temperature range of -55°C ~ +155°C (with power derating above +70°C), and voltage ratings from 150V to 400V.

The NRCPS Series meets PB-Free reflow conditions up to 260°C and is RoHS Compliant without exemptions, halogen free and REACH SVHC 169 compliant.

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Background & Application Focus
The NRCPS series meets the requirements of AECQ200 and suggested for use in automotive grade applications along with a wide range of higher power.

Together with NIC's automotive grade low ESR capacitors and power inductors the NRCPS series is ideal for use in products such as high voltage power supplies, test & measurement equipment and industrial equipment.

NRCPS Series Features

  • Meets the Requirements of AECQ200
  • Excellent sulfur resistant characteristics
  • Surge withstanding voltages and higher power vs. traditional thick film chip resistors
  • 0603 ~ 1210 Chip Sizes Available
  • Power ratings to 0.75W
  • Wide resistance value range (1.0 Ω to 1 MΩ)
  • Stable TCR (100PPM/°C available)

NRCPS Series Electrical Characteristics

Family EIA Size Max Working
Max Overload
TCR Options Resistance
NRCPS06 0603 150V 200V ±0.5% (D)
±1% (F)
±5% (J)
1.0 Ω ~ 1 MΩ
(E-24 & E-96)
NRCPS10 0805 200V 400V
NRCPS12 1206 200V 400V
NRCPS25 1210 200V 400V

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NRCPS Series Info

NRCPS is a NIC Preferred Series available for new designs

Application Focus

  • Automotive & Harsh Environments
  • Voltage monitoring
  • High voltage power supplies
  • Test & measurement
  • Current limiting
  • Load balancing
  • Voltage dividers
  • Industrial products

Environmental Info

 North America