NAYT Series New Product Introduction

April 6, 2016

NAYT Series
Extended Temperature +135°C & Long Lifetime SMT Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

NIC Components is pleased to announce the addition of NAYT series of extended temperature +135°C rated automotive grade long lifetime capacitors to its expanded family of surface mount (SMT) aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

NAYT series meets automotive grade AEC-Q200 test requirements and features wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +135°C, with 2,000 hours load life rating at +135°C (equivalent to 16,000 hours at +105°C and 64,000 hours at +85°C). +135°C rating is ideal for use as surface mount replacement for radial leaded (LDD) version capacitors when used in long lifetime applications; such as automobile systems, and other high temperature applications.

Capacitance value range of the NAYT series covers 47uF to 1000uF in ±20% (M) tolerance, with voltage ratings from 16VDC to 50VDC in 8x10.8mm, 10x10.8mm and 12.5x14mm (DØxH) case sizes. Wide terminal option (‘W’) is offered for use in high vibration applications, such as automotive power train, drive train and industrial controls.

Circuit applications for NAYT series include use as input and output capacitors on DC-DC switchers, point of load regulators, load stepping, bulk storage. Additional uses in ripple noise filtering applications in servers, routers, embedded computing, lighting displays and cellular base stations.

NAYT series is RoHS complaint, and Pb-free SAC Alloy soldering compatibility at +245°C to +260°C reflow soldering temperatures. Unit pricing for NAYT series ranges from $0.15 to $0.39 in production volumes.

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-40°C to +135°C Operating Range
47uF to 1000uF / 16V to 50VDC 
Automotive Grade AEC-Q200
Extended Lifetime
2000 hrs @ +135°C
16,000 hrs @ +105°C, 64,000 hrs @ +85°C
8X10.8 / 10X10.8 / 12.5X14 sizes
‘W’ Wide terminal option for high vibration applications

NAYT Series Info

NAYT is a NIC Focus Series and most preferred for new designs

Application Focus

  • Automotive
  • Power train
  • Drive train
  • Industrial Controls
  • Power Supplies
  • Lighting & Displays
  • Servers & Routers
  • HD Graphics
  • Base Stations
  • Input - Output capacitors
  • DC-DC regulators
  • Ripple (noise) Filtering
  • Bulk Storage
  • Load Stepping

Environmental Info

  • Moisture Sensitiity Level (MSL) - 1
  • RoHS Compliant - Yes
  • China RoHS Compliant - Yes
  • EU REACH Compliant: Yes
  • Halogen Free: Yes

 North America