NPM Series New Product Introduction

June 1, 2016

NPM Series
Metal Composite; Miniature Chip Size Power Inductors

NIC Components is pleased to announce the expansion of the metal composite shielded power inductor family with the new NPM series.

The NPM offers a reduced size option vs. traditional NPIMx family from NIC. Available in 0806, 1008 and 1210 case sizes with component heights of 1.0mm and 1.2mm the NPM series has inductance values ranging from 0.24uH ~ 2.2uH in ±20% (M) inductance tolerance.

The NPM Series meets PB-Free reflow conditions up to 260°C and is RoHS Compliant without exemptions, halogen free and REACH SVHC 168 compliant.

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Background & Application Focus
An upgrade from standard ferrite based shielded power inductors molded metal composite construction provides high saturation current characteristics, increased frequency performance, and higher efficiency at higher switching frequencies, making these ideal choices for today’s efficient DC-DC converters.

The NPMx construction moves from the traditional 'NPIM' construction moving from a lead frame termination to EIA chip style terminations providing reduced footprint and profile size options as small as 0603 (1.6 x 0.8 x 0.8mm).

Together with NIC's low ESR capacitors and metal film current sensing resistors the, NPM series is ideal for use in high current power supplies, display drivers, voltage regulator applications from portable, handheld, space-saving devices.

NPM Series Features

  • High Saturation Current Characteristics
  • High Efficiency (2x improvement over ferrite core inductors)
  • Stable Performance > 1Mhz
  • 0806, 1008 and 1210 Chip Sizes with 1.0mm and 1.2mm Low Profiles


NPM Series Electrical Characteristics

Family Chip Size Height Inductance Range DCR
Irms Max. Isat Max.
NPM0806 0806 (2.0x1.6 mm) 1.0 mm max. 0.24 ~ 2.2uH 40mΩ ~ 204mΩ 4.0A 4.2A
1.2 mm max. 30mΩ ~ 195mΩ 4.2A 5.5A
NPM1008 1008 (2.5x2.0 mm) 1.0 mm max. 0.33 ~ 2.2uH 40mΩ ~ 156mΩ 4.5A 7.5A
1.2 mm max. 0.47 ~ 2.2uH 31mΩ ~ 120mΩ 4.1A 6.8A
NPM1210 1210 (3.2x2.5 mm) 1.0 mm max. 0.47 ~ 2.2uH 37mΩ ~ 108mΩ 3.6A 5.8A
1.2 mm max. 27mΩ ~ 85mΩ 5.0A 8.0A


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NPM Series Info

NPM is a NIC Non-Standard not recommended for new designs

Application Focus

  • DC-DC Converters
  • LED Drivers
  • Point of Sale equipment
  • GPS devices
  • Wireless Communications
  • Sensors & Controllers
  • Security & Alarm

Environmental Info

  • Moisture Sensitiity Level (MSL) - 1
  • RoHS Compliant - Yes
  • China RoHS Compliant - Yes
  • EU REACH Compliant: Yes
  • Halogen Free: Yes

 North America