NRCW Series New Product Introduction

July 18, 2014


2W Rated Chip Resistors 
Power rating upgrade with NRCW series

NIC Components is pleased to announce the addition of higher power rated thick film chip resistors with NRCW series.  Increased power ratings, up to two time standard version ratings, are offered in 0603 (1/8W), 0805 (1/4W), 1206 (1/2W), 2010 (1W) and 2512 (2W) case sizes. NRCW series covers resistance value range of 1.0 Ω to 1 Meg-Ω in ±1% (F) and ±5% (J) tolerances, in E24 & E96 resistance values.

Stable TCR of 100PPM/°C, over an operating temperature range of -55°C ~ +155°C (with power derating above +70°C), and voltage ratings from 50V to 300V.

An upgrade from standard power rated version thick film chip resistors, the NRCW series is ideal for use in wide range of higher power applications, including fixed, portable, handheld and space-saving device applications.

NRCW Features
Double power rating in 0805, 1206 and 2512 sizes
Power ratings to 2W
Wide resistance value range (1.0 Ω to 1 Meg-Ω)
Stable TCR (100PPM/°C)
5 EIA case sizes

Sub & replace: KOA, ROHM, VISHAY, YAGEO thick film resistors products


NRCW Series Info

NRCW is a NIC Focus Series and most preferred for new designs

Application Focus

  • General Purpose
  • Lighting
  • Power supplies & Modules
  • Security & Alarm
  • Appliances
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Telecom Equipment

Environmental Info

 North America