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NAN Series - Antennas

The NAN Series of Antennas covers an extensive range of internal and external antenna constructions, in multiple form factors, with various cables and connectors to meet customer requirements. NAN series antennas are supported for off-the-shelf use, but most NAN series products can be customized to meet individual customers' needs. The NAN family comes in various protocols: LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, GNSS, ISM, LoRa/Sigfox, UWB, DECT, and more. 
The NAN products support multiple band frequencies from 698 MHz to 8 GHz with an operating temperature range covering -40°C to +85°C. Standard 50Ω impedance and polarizations ranges cover linear and RHCP. End-use applications include smart metering, wearable electronics, routers, gateways, navigation, tracking systems, and IoT. 

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  NAN Series: Features - Types:

 ✓ Wide Frequency Coverage
 ✓ Low profile Chip, Patch & PCB (rigid and flexible) types
 ✓ High Gain, Compact
 ✓ Active Antennas with Integrated LNA 
 ✓ GPS, GLONASS protocols
 ✓ LTE &  WIFI   
 ✓ ISM & Ultra-Wide Band
 ✓ Single-band & Dual-band Frequency
 ✓ Tri-band Frequency & Quad-band Frequency
 ✓ Rubber Duck Types 
 ✓ Yagi Directional Log Periodic Types
 ✓ Magnetic, Puck, and Sharkfin types
 ✓ RoHS Compliant   
Applications Include: NAN Series - Page Links:
  • Bluetooth / WiFi
  • LTE / UWB - Ultra-wideband
  • Tracking & Logistics
  • Navigation
  • Fleet Management
  • Transportation
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture
  • IoT applications
  • IEEE 802.11ah/ Wi-Fi Certified HaLow technology
  • IEEE802.11 b/g/n
  • ISM 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz applications
  • ZigBee/BLE applications
  • Hand-held devices with WiFi / Bluetooth function
  • Wireless PCMCIA cards or USB dongles
  • Automotive sensors
  • Precision surveying & Mapping
  • Remote controls
  • Centimeter level positioning
  1. NAN-C Chip Type 
  2. NAN-E External
  3. NAN-EA External with LNA
  4. NAN-F Flexible PCB construction
  5. NAN-H Patch Type
  6. NAN-P  Rigid PCB construction 

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