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SMT Chip Resistors Update: Upgrades and expanded product offerings

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SMT Chip Resistors

Please be advised multiple upgrades and expanded product offerings have been added to established NIC chip resistor product series
Upgrades & Additions:
 ✓ Reduced case size (0201) added
 ✓ Upgrade to AEC-Q200 Auto grade 
 ✓ Increased power ratings
 ✓ Expanded temperature range
 ✓ Ultra stable 1PPM/°C TCR added
 ✓ Anti sulfur performance 
NIC Product Series
  • Thick Film: NRC / NRCP
  • Thin Film: NTR / NTRH / NTRA
  • Current Sensing: NCSS


Applications Include: Co-Sell NIC Series:
  • Voltage Proportioning
  • Voltage Dividing
  • Current Sensing
  • Gain Setting
  • Filtering
  • Termination Circuits
  • Impedance Matching
  • Feedback Circuits
  • Power Circuits
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Point of Load
  • Op-Amp Circuits
  • Data Communication
  • Industrial Controls

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