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Snap-in Capacitor Product Expansion


NIC Components is pleased to announce expansion of their offering of +105°C Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. The expansion includes over 400 new line items added to the NRLPW, NRLQW and NRLUW product series of snap-in capacitors, in values ranging from 39uF to 68,000uF, voltage ratings from 10Vdc to 500Vdc and ripple current ratings up to 7.36Arms /+105°C. The product expansion covers components with load life ratings from 1000 hours to 5,000 hours at +105°C (equivalent to 16,000 hours to 80,000 hours @ +65°C). Expanded range products are ideal for use in wide range of power supply applications; linear, switch-mode, UPS, converters, inverters, white goods, industrial controls and power electronic applications where high voltage - current ratings in small sizes are needed.   


You can find the right choice of snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors using NIC's QuickBUILDER Parametric search engine. It allows you to instantly search all of the snap-in capacitors offer to select the correct component for your application. Get detailed specifications, order samples, and compare up to 5 parts to find your best choice.


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