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NMLQ Series
High Q - High SRF Multilayer Chip Inductors

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NIC Components is pleased to announce the expansion the NMLQ series of High Q - High SRF Multilayer Chip Inductors with new 0201 size and values up to 100nH.

NMLQ02 continues downsizing meeting requirements for lower cost and high reliability.  The NMLQ's use of special magnetic and electrode materials reduces losses and straying capacitance giving the ability to step away from costly wire wound types.

Now available in [0201] 0.6mm X 0.3mm the NMLQ multilayer High Q High SRF series brings its performance up to wire-wounds characteristics while still having a cost and reliability incentive. NMLQ02 inductance values range from 0.6nH ~ 100nH in ±0.1nH (B), ±0.2nH (C), ±0.3nH (D), ±2% (G), ±3% (H), and ±5% (J) tolerances.

These chip inductors are ideal for use in RF circuits in telecommunication and other equipments such as Bluetooth and wireless networking applications along with High Q RF MLCCs and Mutilayer Chip Varistors, also available from NIC.

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Reduced [0201] 0.6mm X 0.3mm Chip Size
Ceramic Multilayer Construction
High Q & SRF Performance

Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +105°C
Inductance Range: 0.6nH ~ 100nH
Inductance Tolerances: ±0.1nH, ±0.2nH, ±0.3nH, ±2%, ±3%, and ±5%

 North America