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NCSW Thin Film Current Sensing Resistors

The NCSW series of thin film current sensing resistors has been expanded to include case sizes 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 2010 and 2512 in values from 100 ~ 910 milli-ohm.

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Revised NCSW datasheet: NCSW Datasheet

✓ Wide Range of Surface Mount Case Sizes

✓ Power Ratings up to 1 Watt

✓ Low Cost Alternative to Metal Strip Resistors

✓ Reflow Solder Compatible

✓ Tighter TCR (200PPM) 100mOhm ~ 500mOhm

✓ Higher Power Rating than thick film type (i.e. 0805 = 1/4W/1206= 0.50W)

 North America