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NIC Focus Product NIC Preferred NIC Active Non-Standard / NFND
Series No.Surface TypeImageDescriptionDatasheet
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
NACCSMTLong Life: 5000 hrs @ +105°C; V-ChipDatasheet
NACESMTGeneral Purpose; V-ChipDatasheet
NACENSMTBi-Polar; V-ChipDatasheet
NACEWSMTGeneral Purpose Wide Temperature +105C; V-ChipDatasheet
NACHSMT6.3mm H; Wide Temperature +105°C; V-ChipDatasheet
NACKSMTLow ESR & Z; V-ChipDatasheet
NACKASMTLow ESR & Z Extended Life; V-ChipDatasheet
NACLSMTLow Leakage; V-ChipDatasheet
NACNWSMTBi-Polar; Wide Temp; V-ChipDatasheet
NACPSMTLow Profile; V-ChipDatasheet
NACSSMTLow Profile; V-ChipDatasheet
NACVSMTHigh Voltage 160V~400VDC +105°C; V-ChipDatasheet
NACVFSMTHigh Voltage (large case); V-ChipDatasheet
NACXSMT5.5mm H; Low ESR & Z +105°C; V-ChipDatasheet
NACYSMTLow ESR & Z +105°C; V-ChipDatasheet
NACZSMTIndustry Standard; Low ESR & Z +105°C; V-ChipDatasheet
NACZFSMTLow ESR & Z (large can); V-ChipDatasheet
NATKSMT+125°C Extended Temperature 2000~5000 Hr; V-ChipDatasheet
NATTSMT+125°C Extended Temperature (1KHr ~ 2KHr); V-ChipDatasheet
NATUSMT+125°C Extended Temperature (4KHr); V-ChipDatasheet
NAUJSMTUltra High Temperature +150degC Rated; V-ChipDatasheet
NAWESMTWide Temperature, +105°C (1KHr); HIGHER REFLOW RATED; V-ChipDatasheet
NAWPSMTWide Temperature, Reduced Size +105°C (1KHr); V-ChipDatasheet
NAWRSMTLow Profile; V-ChipDatasheet
NAWSSMTLow Profile; V-ChipDatasheet
NAWTSMTWide Temperature, +105°C (2KHr); HIGHER REFLOW RATED; V-ChipDatasheet
NAWUSMT+105°C Wide Temperature (5000 Hr); V-ChipDatasheet
NAYTSMT+135C Extended Temperature (2KHr); V-ChipDatasheet
NAZHSMTLow ESR & Z, +105C; High Reflow Rated; V-ChipDatasheet
NAZJSMTLow ESR & Z, +105C (2KHr); V-ChipDatasheet
NAZKSMTLow ESR & Z, +105°C (2KHr); HIGHER REFLOW RATED; V-ChipDatasheet
NAZTSMTLow ESR & Z, +105°C (2KHr & 5KHr); HIGHER REFLOW RATED; V-ChipDatasheet
NAZUSMTLow ESR & Z, +105°C (3KHr), Reduced Size; HIGHER REFLOW RATED; V-ChipDatasheet
NAZVSMTLow ESR & Z, +105°C; LONG LIFE (7,000 ~ 10,000Hrs); V-ChipDatasheet
NLELDDLow Leakage; RadialDatasheet
NLE-LLDDLow Leakage; RadialDatasheet
NNRLDDBi-Polar; RadialDatasheet
NPCSMTLow ESR; Solid Construction, Flat ChipDatasheet
NRB-KQLDDReduced Size Alum. E-CapDatasheet
NRB-XFLDDLong Life Low Profile Alum. E-CapDatasheet
NRB-XGLDDLong Life High Voltage Reduced Size Alum. E-CapDatasheet
NRB-XLLDDLong Life Alum. E-CapDatasheet
NRB-XSLDDLighting Applications ≥100KHz; 160V ~ 500V; 8K ~ 12Khrs @ +105°C; RadialDatasheet
NRB-XWLDDLighting Applications ≥100KHz; 160V ~ 450V; 5K ~ 10Khrs @ +105°C; RadialDatasheet
NRB-XYLDDLong Life Reduced Size Alum. E-CapDatasheet
NRB-XZLDDRadial Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsDatasheet
NRE-AXLDDReduced Size Alum. E-CapDatasheet
NRE-FLLDDLong Life, Low ESR & Z ; RadialDatasheet
NRE-HLDDHigh Voltage; RadialDatasheet
NRE-HLLDDLow ESR & Z; 4K ~ 10Khrs @ +105C; RadialDatasheet
NRE-HSLDDReduced Sizes, High CV @ +105C; RadialDatasheet
NRE-HWLDDHigh Voltage up to 450V, +105C (1K ~ 2KHrs); RadialDatasheet
NRE-JLLDDLong Life Low Impedance; RadialDatasheet
NRE-LLDDLow Profile ; RadialDatasheet
NRE-LSLDDLow Profile ; RadialDatasheet
NRE-LWLDDLow Profile ; Wide Temp.Datasheet
NRE-LXLDDReduced Sizes, High CV @ +85°C; RadialDatasheet
NRE-SLDDLow Profile; RadialDatasheet
NRE-SNLDDBi-Polar; Low Profile; RadialDatasheet
NRE-SWLDDLow Profile ; Wide Temp.; RadialDatasheet
NRE-SXLDDLow ESR & Z; RadialDatasheet
NRE-WXLDD+150C Temperature; RadialDatasheet
NRE-WYLDD+130C Extended Temperature; RadialDatasheet
NRGBLDDLighting Applications; 10Khrs @ +105°C; RadialDatasheet
NRLCLDDStandard; Snap-InDatasheet
NRLCWLDDWide Temp.; Snap-InDatasheet
NRLFLDDHigh CV; Low Profile; Snap-InDatasheet
NRLFWLDDHigh CV; Low Profile; Wide Temp.; Snap-InDatasheet
NRLLWLDD10,000 hour @ +105C Reduced Case Size Snap-In Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsDatasheet
NRLMLDDStandard; Snap-InDatasheet
NRLMWLDDWide Temp.; Snap-InDatasheet
NRLPWLDDHigh Voltage; Snap-InDatasheet
NRLQWLDDReduced Size Snap-In Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsDatasheet
NRLRLDDHigh CV; 3Khrs @ +85C; Snap-In [For New Designs]Datasheet
NRLRWLDDHigh CV; 3Khrs @ +105°C; Snap-In [For New Designs]Datasheet
NRLUWLDDLong Life.; Snap-InDatasheet
NRSGLDDLow ESR & Z; RadialDatasheet
NRSHLDDLow ESR ; Long Life; 6K ~ 10Khrs @ +105°C; RadialDatasheet
NRSSLDDGeneral Purpose; RadialDatasheet
NRSXLDDLow ESR & Z; RadialDatasheet
NRSYLDDLow ESR & Z +105°C; RadialDatasheet
NRSZLDDLow ESR & Z; RadialDatasheet
NRSZCLDDLow ESR; 2000~7000 hrs +105°C; Radial; Reduced SizeDatasheet
NRWALDDWide Temperature; RadialDatasheet
NRWPLDDWide Temperature; Radial; Reduced SizeDatasheet
NRWPCLDDWide Temperature; Radial; Reduced SizeDatasheet
NRWSLDDWide Temperature; RadialDatasheet
NRWXLDDWide Temperature; +125°C Radial; Extended Range; Datasheet
NRZJLDDUltra Low ESR; 6K~10k hrs +105°C; RadialDatasheet
NRZXLDDLow ESR; 1K~4k hrs +125°C; RadialDatasheet
NSPSMTLow ESR; Solid Construction, Flat ChipDatasheet
NSPE-ASMTLong Life, High Voltage Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) ConstructionDatasheet
NSPE-HSMTExtended Lifetime and Voltage
Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) Construction
NSPE-HFSMT+105C Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors feature Increased Capacitance per Case SizeDatasheet
NSPE-HZSMTExtended Lifetime and Voltage
Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) Construction
Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) Construction
NSPE-TSMTExtended Temperature and Voltage
Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) Construction
NSPE-TFSMTWide Temperature, High Cap & Voltage
Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) Construction
NSPE-TZSMTExtended Temperature and Voltage
Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) Construction
NSPE-YSMTUltra-Low ESR Extended Temperature Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) ConstructionDatasheet
NSPE-ZSMTExtended Temperature and Voltage
Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) Construction
NSPLSMTLow ESL Solid Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsDatasheet
Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) Construction
Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) Construction
Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) Construction
Hybrid (Solid-Liquid) Construction
NSPVMSMTSolid Polymer V-Chip
Ultra Low ESR, High RCR
NSPXSMTHigher VDC rated Solid Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsDatasheet
NSRLDDLow Profile; RadialDatasheet
NSRNLDDBi-Polar; Low Profile; RadialDatasheet
NSRWLDDLow Profile; Wide Temp.; RadialDatasheet
NSRZLDDLow ESR; RadialDatasheet
NSTLLDDHigh CV; 5Khrs @ +85°C; Screw TerminalDatasheet
NSTLWLDDHigh CV; Wide Temp.; 5000 hrs @ +105C; Screw TerminalDatasheet
Ceramic Capacitors
NCASMTCeramic Capacitor ArraysDatasheet
NCD Class ILDDTemperature Stable & Temperature Compensating; RadialDatasheet
NCD Class IILDDGeneral Purpose High-K; RadialDatasheet
NCD Class IIILDDSemiconductor Type, Stable Temp. Characteristics High Efficiency; RadialDatasheet
NCD High VoltageLDDHigh Voltage; RadialDatasheet
NCMLDDMLC Ceramic Capacitors: RadialDatasheet
NCMALDDMLC Ceramic Capacitors: AxialDatasheet
NMASMTMLCC; Automotive GradeDatasheet
NMC High CapSMTMLCC High Capacitance X7R, X6S, X5R AND Y5VDatasheet
NMC NPOSMTMLCC Ceramic Chip CapacitorsDatasheet
NMC X5RSMTMLCC X5R Dielectric; Class II Semi-Stable TCDatasheet
NMC X7RSMTMLCC X7R Dielectric; Class II Semi-Stable TCDatasheet
NMC Y5VSMTMLCC Y5V Dielectric; Class III High KDatasheet
NMC-ASMTAutomotive Grade MLCCsDatasheet
NMC-HSMTMLCC; High Voltage NPO, X7RDatasheet
NMC-LSMTMLCC; High Freq - NPO Class I, Low ESR @ High FrequencyDatasheet
NMC-MSMTMLCC; High Freq - High Q @ High FrequencyDatasheet
NMC-PSMTMLCC; Soft Termination - Open ModeDatasheet
NMC-QSMTMLCC; High Q - High FrequencyDatasheet
NMC-RSMTReverse Geometry Low ESL Ceramic Chip Capacitors MLCCsDatasheet
NMC-TSMTMLCC Low Profile; X7R, X5R, Y5V DielectricsDatasheet
Double Layer Capacitors
NEDLLDDEnergy Back-Up Capacitors; Radial Leaded E-Cap DesignDatasheet
NEDULDDRadial Leaded Memory Back-up CapacitorDatasheet
NEDZLDDEnergy Back-Up CapacitorsDatasheet
NEDZBLDDRadial Leaded & Snap-in Back-up CapacitorsDatasheet
NEDZHLDDEnergy Back-Up CapacitorsDatasheet
NEDZNLDDEnergy Back-Up CapacitorsDatasheet
NEDZPLDDPower Back-Up CapacitorsDatasheet
NEXALDDRadial, 5.5V ~ 11VDC, 16 ~ 44mm DiameterDatasheet
NEXCSMTV-Chip, 10 ~ 21mm DiameterDatasheet
NEXCWSMTV-Chip, Extended Temp. ReflowDatasheet
NEXGLDDRadial, 11 ~ 28mm DiameterDatasheet
NEXGWLDDWide Temperature Memory Back-Up Double Layer CapacitorsDatasheet
NEXMLDDRadial, Molded Case, 10 x 11 x 5mmDatasheet
NEXMWLDDWide Temperature Memory Back-Up Double Layer CapacitorsDatasheet
NEXSLDDRadial, 11 ~ 44mm DiameterDatasheet
NEXTLDDWide Temperature, Radial, 16 ~ 44mm DiameterDatasheet
NEZBLDDEnergy Back-Up CapacitorsDatasheet
NEZBNLDDEnergy Back-Up CapacitorsDatasheet
NEZHLDDEnergy Back-Up CapacitorsDatasheet
NEZHCLDDMemory Back-Up CapacitorsDatasheet
NEZHLLDDEnergy Back-Up CapacitorsDatasheet
NEZVLSMTV-Chip, Extended Temp. ReflowDatasheet
NEZVNSMTV-Chip, Extended Temp. ReflowDatasheet
NEZXLDDEnergy Back-Up CapacitorsDatasheet
Film Capacitors
NPXLDDX2 Safety Class - Interference Suppression Film Capacitors; RadialDatasheet
NPXFLDDX1 Class Safety Film CapacitorsDatasheet
NRMLDDMetallized Polyester; RadialDatasheet
NRM-SLDDReduced Size; Metallized Polyester; RadialDatasheet
NSHCSMTStacked Film; PPS [For New Designs]Datasheet
NSMXSMTWound Metalized Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) FilmDatasheet
NSPHSMTMultilayer Polymer Film CapacitorDatasheet
NSPUSMTStacked Resin Film; Low Cost [For New Designs]Datasheet
NSWCSMTStacked Film; Polyester [For New Designs]Datasheet
NSWC Higher VoltageSMTHigh Voltage Stacked Film; Polyester [For New Designs]Datasheet
NTMLDDPolyester Film; AxialDatasheet
Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors
NDTMLDDRadial; DippedDatasheet
NTC-LSMTLow ESR; Molded CaseDatasheet
NTC-TSMTGeneral Purpose; Molded CaseDatasheet
NTPSMTLow ESR, Polymer Cathode, Molded CaseDatasheet
NTPFSMTSurface Mount Solid Polymer-Tantalum CapacitorDatasheet
NTPGSMTSurface Mount Solid Polymer-Tantalum CapacitorDatasheet
NTPHSMTSurface Mount Solid Polymer-Tantalum CapacitorDatasheet
NTPLSMTSurface Mount Solid Polymer-Tantalum CapacitorDatasheet
NTPSSMTSurface Mount Solid Polymer-Tantalum CapacitorDatasheet

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